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Born Kevin Lee, Dj Se7en was born in Birmingham Alabama. Raised in the neighborhood of Norwood, he had 2 sisters, and 1 brother, the second eldest of them all. He grew interested in dance, music, singing, piano, as well as other instruments. He began participating in Elementary Band, where his love for music, and music knowledge quickly increased. 


It wasn't until his middle school years when he found a deep love for dance. He won his 1st talent show his 7th grade year, doing a solo performance. from that point on, he was known as the DANCER. His Middle and High School directors admired his work as an instrumentalist, as well as dancing abilities, and he was sought after to be the choreographer for the band program, and many of it's sub sections.  ​

"Musically it was Prince, and Stevie Wonder, dancing, it was the style, and energy of MC Hammer, but all around it was always MICHAEL JACKSON. MJ was my idol, he was who inspired me in everything that I did related to the arts."​

Dj Se7en began to connect his choreography with music in more subtle ways, and realized that he didn't want to dance to just any music, he wanted his music to be arranged around his choreography, it was at this time that he began to focus and learn how to DJ, Remix, and compose music. During this time, he began to come up with his own style of music, and it was also during this time where he invented Bamabounce Club Music. 

Consisting of three Deejays Dj Se7en Dj Naka (Tony also Bamabounce photographer) and Dj Push Play. Also our fallen brother Dj Envi RIP. 


Bamabounce Club Music has come a long way with the dedication and help of all of it's members, including the vocalist, guest producers and deejays from GA, MI, TN, and AL. The organization now consist of three Dj's, Full time producer Dj Se7en, Photographer, and resident Dj from local clubs in the Birmingham area Dj Se7en and Dj Push Play keep the night life going strong. 

The Bamabounce dj's have spun at events throughout the Birmingham Al area, as well as in Atlanta, Houston TX, New York NY, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan. Always bring the Bamabounce Vibe to every event, giving the patrons something that they can't hear anywhere else. The Dj's and producer oftern produce new music, and remixes just for their events creating a unique soundtrack for the event that they spin for. 

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